Smile! It’s photoshoot time !


I love setting up and working on a photoshoot.

I also love designing and making things. So when I have the chance to combine these two loves, I absolutely adore it!

More about making things in future blogs but this really is a big up to my preferred commercial photographer Nikki Kirk from Cheltenham.

Nikki and I have been friends for years and her photographic style is perfect for displaying the Essentially Lexi loves collections to perfection.

She has a feminine yet on-trend style and knowing each other so well means we totally ‘get’ what each other is thinking.

I will write up a shot list before the day of the shoot. I do this so i can be sure I don’t miss anything vital. I will then gather and collect all the things I need for each snap and tick them off my list. We usually just have a morning to get all the pictures I need so there is little margin for error!

I set up the shot, rather like a painting, putting everything in place and the Nikki will take the picture. We usually know instantly whether they will be fit for purpose or not, but 9 times out of 10 they are right on the money! Que lots of screaming and jumping around with happiness!

I am always on the look for props, especially vintage artefacts as they enhance the products enormously.


Nikki also does amazing wedding photography and portraits and if you would like to see more of her work have a look at her website.

I can thoroughly recommend her. She doesn’t know I am writing this post so hopefully she will be pleased !

I will be posting more pictures by Nikki throughout the future so keep your eyes peeled. You won’t really be able to miss them because they are just so gorgeous.

Lexi xx