Shopping for buttons in New York

Recently I blogged about a visit I made to Tinsel Trading in New York and its amazing selection of ribbons and trimmings and I thought I would tell you about another little gem of a shop that I visited on my trip. This time, floor to ceiling BUTTONS !

After finishing at Tinsel Trading and having a much-needed Starbucks to revive us, Lou and I jumped in a yellow cab and headed uptown to Tender Buttons.

We were on a mission to find some blazer buttons for Lou’s husband and any others that took our fancy quite frankly! Now anybody that knows me will know that I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for buttons and so I was really excited to be going to this shop. I didn’t know what to expect, but if it was like pretty much everything in New York, it was going to be pretty awesome!

East 62 St is so pretty! Tree lined and full of those lovely brownstone buildings that you see if films, this is where we found the sweetest little button shop lurking.

We momentarily got sidetracked by a grocery store across the street selling the most gorgeous flowers but then turned our attention to the buttons!

And look at the gorgeous gold hanging button sign up above the door. It was like a shining beacon in the rain!

We entered the shop, which is absolutely tiny but it still takes your breath away. It has a real old world charm with antique tables and cabinets being used to display the buttons and a lovely vintage looking shop sign over the counter where you stand to be served.

The buttons are stored in cardboard boxes, stacked up high with an example of the buttons inside,on the outside of the box. There must literally be thousands of types of buttons in the shop.

There were  brass buttons for blazers, hunt buttons, horn and bone buttons, amazing jewelled button (my favourites!) all sorts. It takes an age just to go along the row of boxes and to see what was inside.  A little bit of a Tinsel Trading issue here – don’t want to miss a thing so must look systematically!

We found the brass blazer buttons that we had needed to find, and I eventually managed to choose some buttons to take home. I was looking for some cute buttons for my trench coat and ended up chosing some lovely navy and cream striped buttons. I also bought some cute tartan buttons . I have no actual purpose for them (yet) but I think they will look really sweet on a little twin set cardigan…….Oh, and I also bought a gorgeous jewelled button made up of tiny crystals in pinks, pale blues and whites which is just so twinkly. That was my inner magpie coming out! I only bought one of those because it was V expensive! You can see this beauty of a button above in the picture with the shops card.

This picture came out a little dark but you can just about make out the lovely wooden Tender Buttons sign behind the counter. All my buttons came wrapped in the tiniest brown paper bag i’ve ever seen……

These are the buttons I bought. I have stitched these navy ones onto my trench with red thread. I did that to give the coat a slightly nautical look, and it looks good paired with my summer uniform of a Breton top, jeans and ballet pumps. The red thread looks so cheeky!

The other tartan buttons I bought are below. Thinking of adding those to a little cardi, or maybe saving them for some Christmas projects. In the meantime they will just look jaunty in my button tin!

So those were the little gems I came away with after my visit. I think I could certainly have bought more but I couldn’t think what I needed! Tender Buttons is definitely worth a trip, especially if you are looking for something really special . I certainly would love to buy some more of those twinkly buttons. Imagine those down the back of a dress…..

I had to include this picture. We were making our way to Penn Station later that afternoon and were in the fashion district of the city and I saw this outside of our cab while we were waiting at the light. I’d love this outside Lexi  loves if I had the chance but not sure it would pass the Cotswolds planning laws!

Thanks for reading, see you again soon

Lexi xx