Customised stripey straws

Well it has literally been an age since I last blogged and so now I am determind to write some more posts.

Just a quick one tonight but a sweet little project for parties. Customised paper straws.


I recently organised a party for a friend of mine with a red and white theme.

I bought some fab stripey paper straws and was going to be serving cocktails in retro mini milk bottles with said straws. That was all very well but a little plain !

I decided to customise the straws with some little paper banners that are easily printed out on a pc.

Simply type your message out and perhaps add a little picture if you fancy it. I used a heart as it was a hen night. Make sure you leave a decent margin on the left hand side of the sentence as this has to be wrapped around the straw to secure.

Type out as many banners as you have straws, plus a couple of extras in case of accidents! I double return between each line of type so that my banner is not too mean and stingy when I cut it.

Print out and cut into strips. I like I make a ‘v’ shaped notch into the far end of the message, looks more finished that just a straight end I think.

Next take a little glue and dab onto the back of the strip opposite end to the notch. Bend and stick around the straw where you’d like it and squeeze quite firmly. Hold for a few seconds. I then leave the straw to dry by popping it into a glass where it can remain upright.

And that’s it ! Simple, cute and a really sweet way to make personalised party items.

See you soon,

Lexi x