We ♥ strawberries !

Hi everyone!

As luck would have it, the week we changed our window here at Lexi loves the weather has taken a turn for the better, meaning our gorgeous strawberry themed window looks perfectly seasonal.

I wanted to have a red themed window as a refreshing change and Zoe and I gathered all the berry related goodies from the shop together and decided how our window was going to look. Our main pieces in the window are a fabulous red patchwork chair and a huge vintage trunk. We then added in our gorgeous giant strawberry cushions, strawberry print pencil cases paired with bundles of coloured pencils tied up with big satin ribbon bows. As if this wasnt enough we opened the trunk and piled it high with our delicious Pip Studio towels, spotty fabric photo frames and dotted some of our Pootle cards around too! We hung a massive white vintage frame down from the ceiling and draped our strawberry bunting over it to give it the finishing touch. Our handmade lampshade in clasic red and white gingham nestles in the window too, sitting on top of a vintage metal table, painted a pretty sage green. So pretty!

It makes us sooooo happy when people stop in the street to look at our new window displays. Sometimes they even do a double take and come back to have a second look – we like that!

I have posted a picture of the strawberry cushions for you to see. I found the pattern in one of our books called ‘Sew Pretty Homestyle’ by Tone Finnanger which has just the most gorgeous things to make for your home. This book is in stock now if you are feeling inspired to have a go! I have also made the small versions of the strawberry cushions and piled them inside a glass cake dome. I think they are really sweet and would work really well as a pretty pin cushion. Or just hung up in the kitchen with brown garden twine.

See you all soon. Next time I am going to tell you about our patchwork chairs…… we ♥ them !

Bye x

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