Our first blog ! Woo-hoo !

Lexi and the shop

That's me ! Hi !


So here we are! Lexi loves has joined the techy masses and now has a blog! How about that ?! 

Our new website is finished and was launched last night and i am SO pleased with how it looks. What do you all think? I’d love to know. www.lexilovesshop.com 

My aim with these little blog missives is to keep you updated with what has been happening in the shop, to show you new stock and  project ideas to whet your appetite. Some fab stock arrived today and I will take some photos and tell you all about it on one of my future posts. 

I also intend to show you what I have been up to with my window dressing. We are well-known for our(slightly out there!) shop windows, so i will show you the new ones when they are done. We’ve currently got a strawberry theme so I’ll write about that soon too. 

Well, thank you for reading, please come back and visit again soon, I promise I’ll have lots to tell you and even more to show you. 

Bye for now, L  x x x

3 thoughts on “Our first blog ! Woo-hoo !

  1. Good to see you have a new website and blog. Rather love the shop, spend far too much time and money in there 😉 Look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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